Please check back for Spring 2023 volunteer applications!


How do I become a Connect Mentor?

An application to become a Mentor will open before every semester for those who are interested in applying. Once leadership has reviewed each application, decisions will be sent out via email.

What are the duties of a Connect Mentor?

  • Must attend weekly workshop at designated school (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Given (2) excused absences; must notify leadership at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make it.

  • Must complete a survey at the completion of EVERY workshop documenting experience w/ mentee.

How do I become a Connect Tutor?

After you apply to become a Tutor and are selected, there will be a Google sheet made available at the beginning of each month for you to sign-up for a tutoring slot.

What are the duties of a Connect Tutor?

  • Work one-on-one with elementary/middle school students on their homework and/or STEM subject matter

  • Must attend the session you signed up for at your designated school

  • Given (2) excused absences; must notify leadership at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make it.

Can I apply to be both a Mentor and Tutor?

Yes, of course!

How can I stay up-to-date on what Connect is doing?

Follow us on Facebook! We will be updating that frequently with ways to get involved and the latest news on our organization.

How do I get involved in leadership?

Starting Fall 2021, there will be many opportunities for leadership. These opportunities would include becoming an ambassador for your respective UTMB school, roles in creating new curriculum and workshops as well as getting involved with research, etc.

What are dues used for and how much are dues?

We work with many low-income students. Therefore, dues will be used to fund the STEM workshops and maintain function of the organization.

Dues for returning members are $15 and $25 for new members.


With our school partnerships, we lead weekly science, technology, engineering, and mathematics based workshops at elementary/middle schools in the Galveston area. All of these projects are to help the students explore different concepts and develop a love for STEM, as well be introduced to the different careers that are possible within the field. During these visits, each member is able to form a close relationship with their mentee while also learning.


We also hope to engage the students in the subjects they are taking at the schools they attend. We strongly believe in empowering these students to remain inquisitive and grow in their thirst for learning. The ultimate goal for our program is to ignite excitement for education that translates into their studies in the classroom and beyond.


To bring the semester to an end, Connect hosts campus tours to let all of the students get a look of the UTMB campus. Mentors will take the mentees around the various school buildings, library and hospitals surrounding the campus and also participate in fun activities with students from different disciplines. Mentees are able to get a glimpse of higher education, and our hope is by the end of this tour they will see that this is an attainable path.